Why I Quit My Job Over a Chair

Why I Quit My Job Over a Chair


The first time I had an appointment with a specialist about my back, I was in elementary school.

If there is a word for the opposite of a hypochondriac, then that’s me as an adult! I will say “it’s fine” when it is clearly not fine. When I finally surrender to going to a doctor, it’s BAD. Numerous appointments and imaging, along with lost wages, cost me around $10,000, but I finally had some answers.

  1. Pinched nerves and nerve inflammation,
  3. Permanent nerve damage,
  5. Degenerative Disc Disease,
  7. Bulging L3-L4,
  9. Herniated L4-L5,
  11. Ruptured flat herniated L5-S1,
  13. Bone spurs and inflammation in my spine and hip,
  15. Completely fused SI joint, and wait for it….
  17. Ankylosing Spondylitis – you know… bamboo spine?

When COVID hit, everyone was required to work from home. Within the first 6 weeks of pandemic-related remote work, a magical thing happened: my pain stopped. I spent 6 months working remotely with access to everything I needed to manage my pain. When I returned to working on site, I worried if my pain became unmanageable again, I would be forced to quit. A trend began and every week that I was on site, I suffered debilitating flare ups by the end of the week. Days of standing on my feet each week with no access to a comfortable chair or inversion table was proving to be too much.

It had been two months since I first recommended a Varidesk Active Seat and one month of me typing “I don’t have anywhere comfortable to sit” in a series of emails. I finally could not take anymore of the recurring flare ups or the blatant disregard for the pain I had been enduring, so I quit. I walked (perhaps hobbled) away.

I had spent 20 years working as a computer programmer. My title varied from Logistics Analyst to Computer Programmer to Software Developer, but I was and I still am a programmer at heart. I left my job making a nice, comfortable salary with wonderful benefits and stepped into a life of uncertainity. All over a chair.

I now have a home office and that Varidesk Active Seat I had mentioned two months and two days before I resigned from my Senior Developer position. I have ventured into the world of remote freelance work as a programmer and a blogger, and all in the name of good health. I hope I can help you in your Pain-Free Journey, because I realized that not only am I worthy of a comfortable chair, but so are you.

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